1964: Electricte du Liban was founded. Its aim was to provide electricity to all Lebanese regions.

1975-1990: Civil war, no electricity for days, sometimes weeks. Power cuts all the time.

Since 1990, it has been progressing in the following way:
– Ma fi Kahraba. Bassita kelloun 6 hours bil nhar!
– Yel3an ekht el Kahraba. 12 hours bil nhar mich ma7moule. Sar Badda Moteur.
– Hay dawoule hay! El Kahraba toul mela la wara. Sar meklef el moteur, khaleena na3mil ichtirak arkhass.
– Ma32oul nedfa3 150$ lal moteur kel chaher? mich 7ale hay bass chou badna na3mil.
– Yel3an ekht el moteur. 4 hours 2at3a bil nhar. Mich ma32oul. 3a chou 3am nedfa3lo?

All in all, owners of generators are the new EDL now and are charging us whatever they want and cutting down the electricity anytime they want. Added to that, you can’t argue with the generator dude because he can easily tell u to f*** off.

Wel balad machi wala yihemmak.