Prior to the launch of the Huawei P20 Pro in Lebanon, I had the privilege to visit the Huawei Experience Store in Milano and was among the first to try out the Huawei P20 pro as well. Huawei’s Milano store has Italian written all over it, from the design to the features to the feel and stands out from your average mobile experience stores. Sustainability and green design are highlighted in every corner of the store, with one corner designated as a recharge area where LED flowers blend in beautifully on a wall stacked with real flowers. The floor is also equipped with a circuit that transforms people’s foot traffic into energy which is pretty cool.

Photo Credits: Richard Cadan

Location-wise, the store is right in the heart of Milan’s CityLife shopping district, and not only features Huawei’s latest products but allows customers to personalize everything from tablets to smartphones. It even has its own tattooing station where you can customize the phone cover or even the phone’s body giving it your own identity with images and texture.

What I really liked about the design is the way they reused the Huawei logo by breaking down its elements and using them for every detail at the store. LED screens, display tables, flooring shapes, even the coffee cups! Everything says Huawei in some sort of modern finesse.

Huawei, despite been relatively new to the smartphone market, is gaining ground rapidly and has already gained a considerable market share in the past couple of years. According to Huawei Milano’s team, Huawei is already among the best selling smartphones in Italy and their advertisements are easily noticeable in some of the most prominent spots in Duomo Square and around the streets of Milan.

All in all, this was my first trip to a mobile experience store and the Huawei Experience Store definitely raises the bar very high. I also got my hands on the P20 pro which is being labeled as one of Huawei’s all-time best. The P20 Pro review will follow very soon.

Many thanks to the Huawei team for the cool trip and super friendly staff (And the great Italian food of course ☺️).