The Lebanese Nationality Program is a program launched by the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants and aimed at helping people of Lebanese heritage around the world to regain their Lebanese Nationality. The program is not a recent one but I believe they just officially launched the mobile app and are promoting the program through TVCs.

The initiative is definitely a good one, and the fact that the steps are clearly explained in a user-friendly and clear website is quite impressive coming from a Lebanese ministry. To make things better, the procedure is also free of charge and the benefits from regaining your nationality are all listed but there’s one tiny problem:

You are only eligible to regain the Lebanese nationality if:
– You have a father or grandfather with Lebanese origins, who left Lebanon and did not register their children as citizens
– You are the foreign wife of a Lebanese man

Which means that if you have a mother or grandmother with Lebanese origins, you are not eligible.

For those interested in applying, fill out the following [form], or download the mobile app [iTunes] [Google Play].