save water4

I got last week from a cardboard shaped like a Lebanese flag with a cedar tree made out of soap in the middle. Attached to it a small message that said “The more you use water, the faster I disappear” or in Arabic (ما تمحيني سكر الحنفيه) and guidelines on how to save water to save our forests:

– Cut a couple of minutes off your shower.
– Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
– Use the least amount of detergent possible when washing the dishes.
– Only run the washing machine and dishwasher with full loads.
– Put organic coloring in your toilet tank to see if water is leaking.

save water3

The idea from the cedar-shaped soap is to ask people to use that soap and keep the tree in shape for as long as possible to make sure we’re not wasting water. I loved the idea and the concept behind it and thought it was worth sharing.

Moreover, I wrote this post as a reminder that only 13% of Lebanon is covered with forests if not less, and saving water is essential for preserving these forests and for our own sake. Water is one of Lebanon’s most precious resources yet very little is done to preserve it and people tend to waste a lot of water.

Just like recycling should start at home, saving water is also as important and crucial for the generations to come.

save water2