Three months after Hariri’s resignation and 100 days into the October Revolution, a new one-sided government headed by Hassan Diab was announced today in Baabda. The government will be formed of 20 ministers all hand-picked by “March 8” parties including Tayyar, Marada, Hezbollah, Amal, Tashnaq and Irslan.

Prime Minister Hassan Diab’s 20-member government will be as follows:

Prime Minister – Hassan Diab (Sunnites)

Environment Minister & Administrative Development – Demianos Kattar
Education Minister – Tarek Majzoub
Telecoms Minister – Talal Hawat
Interior Minister – Mohammad Fahmy

President Aoun + Tayyar (Christians):

Deputy PM & Defense Minister – Zeina Akar Adra
Foreign Minister – Nassif Hitti
Energy Minister – Raymond Ghajar
Justice Minister – Mary-Claude Najem
Economy Minister – Raoul Nehme
Minister of Affairs for the Displaced – Ghada Shreim

Irslan (Druzes):
Social Affairs & Tourism Minister – Ramzi Msharrafieh
Information Minister – Manal Abdel Samad

Hezbollah (Shiites):
Health Minister – Hamad Hasan
Industry Minister – Imad Hoballah

Amal (Shiites):
Finance Minister – Ghazi Wazni
Agriculture & Culture Minister – Abbas Mortada

Frangieh (Marada – Christians):

Labor Minister – Lamia Yammine Doueihy
Public Works Minister – Michel Najar

Tashnag (Armenian):

Youth and Sports Minister – Varti Ohanian

There are 6 women in this new government, and for the first time in Lebanon’s history, a female minister will act as Defense minister & VP.