Glow Pub is Lebanon’s first teens-only night club. It recently opened in Furn el Chebbak and only admits kids aged 12 to 18. Obviously smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the club and to make parents feel even more comfortable, there are 30 surveillance cameras to monitor the kids at all time. Added to that, the kids will be escorted from the car to the entrance. Glow will open on weekends and during holidays from 4 PM till midnight. The entrance fee is 30,000 LL.

Now the question is: will it work?

Teen clubs is a new and nice concept to have in Lebanon but there are several issues to take into consideration:

– You are dealing with kids and this is a major responsibility. You will need well-trained and experienced security staff and employees, not just random bouncers.

– You will never be able to monitor 300 teenagers dancing and jumping in a night club no matter how many surveillance cameras you have.

– Glow may be managed by responsible people but what does the law say about opening such night clubs? Who will regulate other teen clubs opening?

– What happens if drugs or alcohol are smuggled inside? How will the owners handle it? Who will they report it to?