Hariri met Aoun for the 18th time today and they still failed to agree on a government. In fact, Aoun had apparently sent Hariri a list yesterday which went against Hariri’s pre-conditions for the new government. In other words, they don’t want to agree on a new cabinet and they’re apparently not aware of how serious the situation has become.

In all cases, Hariri leaked the list that he has been proposing for a while to Aoun according to him and here it goes:

Prime Minister: Saad Hariri

Health Minister: Firas Abiad
Justice Minister: Lubna Maskawi
Social Affairs & Environment Minister: Nasser Yassin
Labor Minister: Maya Kanaan
Finance Minister: Youssef Khalil
Public Works Minister: Ibrahim Chahrour
Tourism Minister: Jihad Mourtada
Foreign Affairs & Agriculture Minister: Rabih Narsh
Defense Minister: Antoine Iqlimos
Culture Minister: Fadia Kiwan
Education Minister: Abdo Gerges
Economy Minister: Saadeh Al-Shami
Energy Minister: Joe Saddi
Interior Minister: Ziad Abou Haidar
Telecoms Minister: Fadi Samaha
Industry & Displaced Minister: Karbit Slikhanian
Youth, Sports & Information Minister: Walid Nassar