A submarine cable which will give Internet service providers the capacity they need to supply high-speed Internet services, including 3G, was put into action Monday, after months of waiting. “The tap was closed, and now it’s open,” Antoine Boustany, an adviser to Telecoms Minister Nicolas Sehnawi said Tuesday. [DailyStar]

So we should be hoping for a faster and cheaper internet soon.

Ever wondered why the internet is that expensive?

Unlike government-owned Alfa and MTC, ISPs currently pay some $3,000 for a line which costs the government $100 to supply, and Tarabay said that this is prohibitive to ISPs being able to provide affordable fast Internet to users.

“At the moment it’s as if they were inviting you to buy property in Downtown [Beirut],” he said. “There’s a lot of land, but nobody can afford it.”

We should call it a national holiday the day we get a decent internet connection in this country. Nevertheless, I am not buying this story and won’t believe a word they say until I have a proper connection at home.