L’Orient Le Jour published a list of 30 Lebanese personalities that were hot topics during 2014 due to good/bad things they’ve done. The list is a subjective one, is not based on any ratings or votes and includes:
1- Zeinab Bazzal
2- Amal Alameddine
3- Sabah
4- Haïfa Wehbé
5- Léa Salamé
6- Zeina Kassem
7- Waël Bou Faour
8- Riad Salamé
9- Zeina Daccache
10- Sarah Beydoun
11- Hashim Sarkis
12- Nicolas Fattouche
13- Marc Baroud
14- Zoya Rouhana
15- Rand Hindi
16- Tom Young
17- Sélim Mouzannar
18- Philippe Aractingi
19- Michel Sleiman
20- Mira Mikati
21- Yasmine Hamdan
22- Walid Joumblatt
23- Saïd Akl
24- Jackie Chamoun
25- David et Nicolas
26- Walid Ataya
27- Elias Maroun
28- Lana Sahely
29- Maya Kanaan
30- Aline Lahoud


There are my names that I haven’t heard of in that list, and Tom Young the man behind Beirut’s Rose House is mentioned even though he’s British. As far as bloggers are concerned, congrats to my good friend Lana from L’armoire De Lana for making the list!

Check out the full list [here].