I’m really glad ZWZ has finally released a new mobile app for delivery. I order frequently from Zaatar W Zeit and I find it way more convenient to place an order online rather than call, especially when it’s almost always the same order and to the same address.

I’ve tried Zaatar W Zeit’s mobile app four times ever since it was released and I’m loving it so far. The app is quick to load, it’s very easy to browse through menu items and add to the bag and you can easily customize your order. I also love the fact that you can schedule your delivery, pay by credit card and the special instructions, such as “Don’t ring the bell” are spot on. In fact, I always order late and ask them to miss call me in order not to wake the baby up. Live chat is also available but I haven’t tried it yet. The best part is that you can send an order to someone else now and re-place previous orders.

The few things that I would change are:
– When you are adding your phone, the keyboard should switch to a numeric one only.
– When you are adding items to the bag, the extra pop-up screen you get after you click “Quick order” is annoying.
– I don’t want recommendations to pop-up after every order I make.
– The notifications are a bit confusing too between emails and pop-ups.

These are just minor tweaks that only repeat customers will probably notice, but overall the app experience is seamless so far.

You can download the app for [iOS] and [Android]. It’s also available on Desktop for order.zaatarwzeit.net.