Assafir Source: Assafir via CNRS

I found a more recent report on the beach water quality along the Lebanese coast and a list of Lebanon’s most and least polluted beaches. The report was prepared by the Lebanese Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) and examined over 30 different spots throughout the last two years (till May 2016).

Lebanon’s safe beaches:
– Tripoli (facing the Arab University – Shokor Mosque)
– Anfeh
– Batroun & (Koubba/Batroun)
– Al Heri/ Chekka (Saleh beach)
– Jbeil & Fidar
– Maameltein (facing Casino Du Liban)
– Tabarja
– Beirut (Riviera – Ain al-Mreisseh)
– Tyr
– Naqoura

Lebanon’s most polluted beaches:
– Tripoli/Mina stretch, facing Abdul Wahab Island
– Antelias (Marina entrance)
– Manara and Ramlet al-Baida beaches

Assafir shared a useful summary of that report. You can check out the full list below as published by Assafir via CNRS:



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