No Buyers For Beirut’s Iconic Holiday Inn?

Four years ago, I read that Beirut's bullet-scarred Holiday Inn hotel was set to be auctioned in the coming months yet the hotel hasn't found any buyers yet according to this recent article by LeCommerceduLevant. The bidding price set for the hotel is $200 million dollars according to the same article but no one seems interested in investing that much money in the iconic Holiday Inn. I don't know if the recent economic situation is…

Edde Sands Slashes Admission Prices in Half

Eddé Sands is one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Lebanon but it's not one you can afford to go to on a weekly basis or even spend the weekend there. Since I held my wedding there back in 2013, I had the chance to try out one of their bungalows for free back then as part of the wedding package and it's a beautiful space but a bit too expensive for a couple.…

A New Garbage Mountain in Saida?

2 years ago
The Lebanese Transparency Association are sharing a video showing a new garbage mountain emerging in Saida. Just when we thought they got rid of the 30+ years old mountain garbage in Saida, the company in ...

A Special Whisky Tasting Session at Phoenicia Hotel ahead of #WorldWhiskyDay

2 years ago
With an incredible selection that includes over 400 different whiskies, Phoenicia Hotel is as ready as ever to host the World Whisky Day in Beirut! World Whisky Day (WWD) is a worldwide celebration of whisky’s ...

Goût de France at Sofitel Beirut Le Gabriel

2 years ago
On Tuesday March 21 2017, in more than 100 countries around the world, 2000 restaurants and embassies celebrated France’s gastronomy by inviting the public to a “French-style” dinner. The aim from this initiative, named “Goût ...

Fiasco at the Lebanese-Canadian Hospital

2 years ago
A young man wrecked the Lebanese Canadian hospital in Sin el fil after his 36 year old brother passed away unexpectedly. Based on what I’ve read, his brother had a severe stomach pain and was ...

A Lavish Sunday Buffet at The Four Seasons Beirut

2 years ago
I love the Four Seasons Hotel in Beirut. It’s definitely one of my favorite hotels in the capital. It seems that I always keep coming back for their amazing breakfast, but sometimes, I just pass ...

Grand Hills Hotel & Spa: Luxury in The Mountains

2 years ago
I’ve been to so many magical weddings and memorable events at the Grand Hills Hotel overlooking Beirut in Broumana over the years. However, it wasn’t till recently that I actually spent a weekend up there. ...

Al Kassouf Grand Hotel

2 years ago
Check out these beautiful shots that I took from inside the iconic Al Kassouf Hotel in Shweir, which was built in the 1930s and damaged during the war. According to a 2013 post on, ...

Updated List of Safe Beaches in Lebanon

3 years ago
Source: Assafir via CNRS I found a more recent report on the beach water quality along the Lebanese coast and a list of Lebanon’s most and least polluted beaches. The report was prepared by the ...