Updated List of Safe Beaches in Lebanon

Source: Assafir via CNRS I found a more recent report on the beach water quality along the Lebanese coast and a list of Lebanon's most and least polluted beaches. The report was prepared by the Lebanese Council for Scientific Research and examined over 30 different spots throughout the last two years . Lebanon's safe beaches: - Tripoli - Anfeh - Batroun & - Al Heri/ Chekka - Jbeil & Fidar - Maameltein - Tabarja -…

The Legendary Palmyra Hotel In Baalbeck: Open Since 1874

I've been to Baalbeck quite a few times but I never had the chance to visit the legendary Palmyra hotel there. The hotel is one of the oldest in Lebanon, if not the oldest, and has never closed, not for one day, since 1874. It was originally built by a Greek businessman back when Baalbeck was a renowned touristic destination and its guests include the likes of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Jean Cocteau, Jazz singers Ella…

In Pictures: Phoenicia Hotel In Beirut From 1961 Till 2015

5 years ago
The oldest picture of Phoenicia I was able to find. It was taken before the grand opening in 1961 Phoenicia Beirut was celebrating its 50th anniversary around the same time four years ago. This majestic ...

Ta2 El Chelech El Zehlewé (Zahle Guys Gone Crazy)

5 years ago
I spotted this video yesterday showing Zahle guys trying to reinvent the Harlem Shake dance in a hair salon. I can’t confirm if it’s a recent video or not but it’s quite hilarious and it ...

Review: BEYt Guesthouse

5 years ago
Two weeks ago while in Lebanon I stayed at a guesthouse called BEYt. They’ve been open for nearly a year now and I found out about the place by chance on my last trip there ...

Reviewing Hotels In Lebanon

5 years ago
I think hotels are a great way to get away from the monotony and routine of everyday life. The getaway helps you relax, meet new people and get to know new areas that you wouldn’t ...