Below is the statement released by the US Embassy in Lebanon a couple of weeks back:

The U.S. Government continuously re-evaluates reciprocity schedules worldwide to ensure that U.S. visa issuance fees are commensurate with fees imposed by other governments on U.S. citizens. U.S. Embassy Beirut engaged with Lebanese authorities regarding fee reciprocity for nearly two years, asking the Government of Lebanon to adjust the visa and residency fees it charges American citizens to be commensurate with the fees the U.S. government charges Lebanese citizens. Lebanon’s visa and residency fees, however, have remain unchanged. Accordingly, in keeping with our global policy of visa fee reciprocity, the U.S. is changing non-immigrant visa fees for Lebanese citizens.

The new visa types affected are the following:

F1/F2 Student (academic / language)
H (worker and training)
J1/J2 (exchange visitors)
L1/L2 (intercompany transferees)
M1/M2 (student / vocational)
R1/R2 (religious worker)

Visas for Business (B1) or tourism (B2) are not impacted by the change.