Lebanon may be famous for its food, but we’re better at preparing stuff than producing it and this applies to everything. We import everything, including 85% of our food and this will not change overnight, despite all calls by political parties, NGOs, associations and others to plant our balconies, our fields and become self-sufficient in various sectors.

Still, there’s no harm in promoting such initiatives as we need to start producing more but the problem is elsewhere, especially when it comes to political parties & leaders asking us to do so: We are running out of food because you stole our money and bankrupt the country, not because there’s a global food shortage. Go plant your balconies for all I care, we want our money back!

Those in power only know how to create diversions to keep us busy, and give out empty speeches while they should be working day and night to bring back the money they stole and/or wasted. We want answers, we want a forensic audit, we want to know who transferred & stole billions, we want an independent judiciary committee and we want investigations that actually get somewhere.

Lebanese are being held hostage by those in power, their lifetime savings, their jobs, their businesses, their houses are all in the hands of incompetent & corrupt politicians, and the only solution is to get rid of them all, not plant our balconies!