The new government was just announced today after NINE months of ongoing negotiations. Instead of reducing the number of ministers, they kept it at 30 to satisfy all the political parties. I shared the full lineup below as shared by [Naharnet] and recited by Council of Ministers Secretary General Fouad Fleifel:

It is worth noting that:
– There are four female ministers, as opposed to one female minister in the last government.
– The ministries of states concerned with fighting corruption and human rights no longer exist.
– The State Minister concerned with women rights is a woman for a change.

Full Gov Lineup:

– Prime Minister: Saad Hariri (al-Mustaqbal Movement)
– Deputy PM: Ghassan Hasbani (Lebanese Forces)
– Foreign Affairs: Jebran Bassil (Free Patriotic Movement / President Aoun)
– Defense: Elias Bou Saab (FPM / Aoun)
– Justice: Albert Serhan (FPM / Aoun)
– Economy: Mansour Bteish (FPM / Aoun)
– Energy: Nada al-Bustani (FPM / Aoun)
– Environment: Fadi Jreissati (FPM / Aoun)
– Presidency Affairs: Salim Jreissati (FPM / Aoun)
– Displaced: Ghassan Atallah (FPM / Aoun)
– State Minister for Foreign Trade Affairs: Hassan Mrad (Consultative Gathering / Aoun)
– Tourism Minister: Avedis Guidanian (Tashnag Party)
– State Minister for Refugee Affairs: Saleh al-Gharib (Lebanese Democratic Party)
– Health Minister: Jamil Jabaq (Hizbullah)
– Sport and Youth: Mohammed Fneish (Hizbullah)
– State Minister for Parliament Affairs: Mahmoud Qmati (Hizbullah)
– Education: Akram Shehayyeb (Progressive Socialist Party)
– Industry: Wael Abu Faour (PSP)
– Technology and Investment Affairs: Adel al-Afiouni (Miqati’s bloc)
– Interior: Raya al-Hassan (Mustaqbal)
– Public Works: Youssef Fenianos (Marada Movement)
– Labor: Camille Abu Suleiman (Lebanese Forces)
– Finance: Ali Hassan Khalil (AMAL Movement)
– Culture: Mohammed Daoud (AMAL)
– Telecommunications: Mohammed Shuqeir (Mustaqbal)
– Social Affairs: Richard Kouyoumjian (LF)
– Agriculture: Hassan al-Laqqis (AMAL)
– Information: Jamal al-Jarrah (Mustaqbal)
– State Minister for Social Rehabilitation and Women: Violet Khairallah Safadi (Mustaqbal)
– State Minister for Administrative Development Affairs: May Chidiac (LF)