I’ve noticed recently an increased interest on oil and gas activities in Lebanon but I can’t figure out why. Executive Magazine has released a couple of articles lately, the Lebanese Petroleum Administration published an assessment report and the Lebanese Gas & Oil Facebook page has been pretty active lately.

I don’t think we will be extracting or selling oil anytime soon, but here’s a glimpse of what’s gonna happen according to Karl when Lebanon becomes an oil rich country:

– The country will become rich, very rich. Given Lebanon’s traditional commitment to equalitarianism, the process will be run efficiently and the proceeds will be distributed equally among the Lebanese.

– The Lebanese, who are generally known for their simple and non-materialistic lifestyle, will be tempted to abandon their traditional asceticism but they will do that with typical classiness and good taste.

– Cooperation is a cornerstone of Lebanese society, and there are hardly any disagreements to be expected over the distribution and use of the oil wealth. The country’s democracy is also reinforced by informal network of inter-sect cooperation, which will ensure everything goes smoothly.

Those are the major headlines, which are quite reassuring. The model also predicted specific results listed below:

– Parking valets will have their own valet parking service, which means that each restaurant/bar/nightclub will have a double valet parking system in front.

– Several very exclusive mega night clubs will open in Beirut and other cities, each accommodating no more than 25000 people.

– The Lebanese will stop trying to produce The Largest Hummus Plate In The World. Instead, they will start making The Largest Caviar Plate In The World. And then celebrate the record by smoking The Largest Cigar In The World.

You can read the full article [here].