Russia is looking for guinea pigs around the world to test out its unproven vaccine and Lebanese caretake PM & Health Minister seem to be in a rush to get their share of the new Russian COVID19 vaccine. Basically, Russian President Putin announced they found a vaccine even though it has yet to go through crucial Phase 3 trials in which it would be administered to thousands of people.

Health Minister/Wannabe Poet Hassan Hamad announced yesterday they’re working with the WHO to get their share of the vaccine doses, noting that the WHO did not approve it yet and is in talks with Russia over it. So why rush to get vaccines? Similarly, Hassan Diab discussed with the Russian ambassador, Alexander Zaspkin, the possibility of Lebanon obtaining a quantity of the new Russian vaccine against Coronavirus.

How about you do your freaking job and try to enforce a logical lockdown and social distancing rules? And while at it, work harder on increasing hospital efficiency and supplies.

These are more important than getting sniffing dogs and suspicious vaccines now.