Picture taken from @Nicolasehnaoui

Telecom Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui has launched an online campaign few days ago blaming Ogero Chief Abdel Menhem Youssef for the internet slowness lately and asking him to release the bandwidth. Youssef hasn’t been answering any requests or calls lately according to the ministry and causing Lebanon monthly losses estimated at 750,000$.

Here are the alleged Facts and Figures being shared by the Telecom Ministry:

– 1,200 = number of E1 requests taken as a hostage by Abdelmenhem Youssef
– 750,000$ = Monthly losses suffered by Lebanon and caused by Abdelmenhem Youssef’s highjack of the bandwidth
– 25%= Percentage of total Internet Bandwidth being released due to Abdelmenhem Youssef’s refusal to abide
– 2/3 = Number of Council Members needed, by Law, to remove Abdelmenhem Youssef from his position
– 3 = Number of Job Positions occupied unlawfully by Abdelmenhem Youssef #FreeTheBandwidth #FtahElHanafiyye

Having said that, Abdel Menhem Youssef broke his silence yesterday and asked the Telecom Ministry for a permission to answer those “false” allegations and even went as far as asking to investigate these claims and accusations.

I don’t know whether he truly requires the minister’s permission to hold a press conference but he’s apparently playing it smart. If I were Sehnaoui, I would invite Youssef instead to a round table to discuss all these matters, put the differences behind and figure a way out.

That’s the only way that we will get somewhere.