Alfa or MTC?

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I coming down to Lebanon in a few days and I need to get a phone line with 3G to use on my iPhone. Which telecom should I go with?

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  1. Najib

    Both are having problems with their 3G. MTC lately smsed all its users apologizing for the disconnections.

    I have Alfa and I am having problems too. I say go for MTC cause they have a better customer service.

      1. Joe

        I live in Seheili and it works like 2/3 of the time, otherwise i get regular edge. It’s because seheili isn’t covered but zouk mikael, jounieh and zouk mosbeh are.

  2. ddoudz

    i am using Mtc, i had no problems with the connection except for the first 2 days (i think its the location is important) but i went to Ain saadeh last week, there was no 3g there ! you can check the coverage map on the mtc3g website

  3. Ayouna

    Both sucks!!! Really slow crappy service! As for the 3g, they really have no clue what a 3g is, its practically the same speed as the previous Edge service, which sucked anyways. Mark, whichever telecom you choose, expect shitty service!

    1. Alex

      I think you’re a bit extreme on your position 🙂
      3G is still unstable but it has been getting better recently.
      I get some pretty decent speeds that equaled what I used to get in the US.

      Customer Service can definitely get better but well that’s something that applies to most of the services in lebanon 😛

      Oh and am Alfa


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