Amin Maalouf à l’Académie française

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What a great honour for Amin Maalouf and Lebanon!

France on Thursday granted one of its top honours, membership in the prestigious Academie Francaise, to Franco-Lebanese writer Amin Maalouf, whose books seek to build bridges between East and West. Maalouf became the first Lebanese inducted as an one of the academy’s “immortals” — the 40 lifelong members tasked as guardians of the French language. [DailyStar]

Amin Maalouf was born in Beirut, but moved to Paris with his family in 1975 after the civil war broke out. His most famous novel is “Sakhrit Tanios”, or “The Rock of Tanios“, for which he received France’s premier literary award, the Prix Goncourt.

Many foreign, mainly French papers, wrote about this achievement, including,, and among others.

Amin Maalouf was featured in CNN’s Inside the Middle East January edition as one of few people in the region “who are leading the fight to protect, promote, and adapt their heritage.” [CNN]

10 thoughts on “Amin Maalouf à l’Académie française

  1. Alphonse

    You make us proud of this Fertile Soil for being a genuine Lebanese,
    And you make us proud of France for recognizing your merit..


  2. Roger

    Where can I get the book “Sakhret Tanios” in arabic? every website I’ve tried is sold out. It’s funny my mom asked me about this book just yesterday, but she referred to it as “Sakhret Boutros”

      1. Alphonse


        Send me an email to tell you where you can find one.. Your contact page seems out of gasoline 😛

  3. Christine

    It’s been so long since Khalil Gebran, thank God somebody out there can still make us Lebanese, proud.


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