Another day, another protest in Lebanon

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EDL contractual employees have been demonstrating in front of the EDL and blocking the highway on the way back from Beirut since the early morning. They want to become permanent workers, have insurance and a decent retirement plan. Some of them have been working on a contractual basis for over 20 years.

On another note, I love how their names in Arabic are unheard of, at least to me. They are called “عمال غب الطلب وجباة الاكراء” and “المياومين”.

Update: one of the protesters, Ali Assi, tried to set himself on fire.

8 thoughts on “Another day, another protest in Lebanon

  1. Rob

    lebanese should learn how to protest and get their right WITHOUT making our days like hell no matter how important their demands are we have enough daily problems already including traffic so let them get mad somewhere else! shu khasna na7na, ma 3refna kiff khlosna men jesr jal el dib pfff

  2. Scirocc0

    20 years working hala2 tzakaro ino ytalbo b 72ou2on? khalas yetdabdabo, ken lezim ytalbo mn l 2ases ino yfouto mazbout … law mish bel wasta feto keno feto metl l khale2 w msabbatin w kelshi

  3. A Guy

    They should all get fired! EDL is the most inefficient company in the world and having a shitload of dumbass, under qualified, employees that do nothing but take wages and be unproductive, is the basic root of this whole mess!
    Privatize it and let us have decent electricity at least!

    In the long run, EDL will have to expand, but to be able to do that they MUST lay off workers and decrease their costs!

    Want steady jobs?? Try being qualified and productive first!

  4. Andre

    Great comment “A Guy”. Totally agree with you.
    And for the guy that tried to set himself on fire : great job man ! You really deserve becoming permanent, you seem so smart and wise! Maybe all the others should follow you and get it over with :s

  5. Lebanese Duder

    To all commenters above, it’s easy to mock people when you live your nice easy life, not everybody had opportunities I or anyone of you guys may had, give people a break. I dunno why it seems Lebanese people in Lebanon can be so racist to each other(this coming from an expat living in the gulf)

    1. A Guy

      Well, personally I believe that a well functioning country is a solution to benefit everyone. Especially those who are not so well off. As you said, we probably all have “moteurs” and don’t mind paying the extra cost. So in the long run they would benefit from it.
      As for “being humane”, I don’t believe downsizing a firm is something unethical, especially one so crucial and so fucked up!
      Privatise w khalas ba2a!


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