Arab Idol Haifa Wanna-Be Raghad Jaber committed suicide

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Apparently Raghad killed herself after getting rejected by Arab Idol’s jury but that’s not yet officially confirmed.

To be honest, I never followed this show nor am I interested by its news but I just watched the video above and don’t quite understand why the judges are behaving that way. Who’s that guy making weird gestures, giggling for no reason and laughing at her? Why are they making fun of her even before she started singing? Who’s the plastic fat chick who can’t even smile?

It’s one thing to be rude and criticize the participant but it’s a talent show after all, so the least you can do is show some respect and let them perform. Anyway, I guess I’ll never understand these talent shows.

12 thoughts on “Arab Idol Haifa Wanna-Be Raghad Jaber committed suicide

  1. Rachelle

    She didn’t kill herself… And I think when someone like her comes forward to audition to a “singing” talent show, she has to expect that kind of reactions… Just imagine yourself being on the jury, how would you react when facing this?

    1. Najib Post author

      Notice what I said. They didn’t even wait for her to start singing. I would tell her she’s terrible but after she sings not mock her while she’s still presenting herself.

      1. Rachelle

        I totally understand, but even the way she showed up and presented herself was a bit awkward and strange, I don’t like to make fun of people but I think I might have giggled a bit myself…
        Anyway I think such shows need a “filtering” phase before going on air to spare people like her the embarrassment, unless it is part of the show..

  2. Andre

    Those two judges that nobody knows we’re acting like high school kids bullying that girl! What a shame !

  3. Cynthia

    Sorry but i think i wouldve had the same reaction. I agree they shouldnt have laughed before she started but when she did start i wouldve not been able to control my laughing out loud. i wouldnt really go to a talent show when i clearly have no talent thats just asking for it.

  4. rachel

    well at least this girl is real
    look at Nancy and the chick near her
    my god they look like a wax statue!
    someone should tell them that wrinkles in the human face reflects the charm and character of the person.

  5. Gaza

    Rachel, you are absulotly right … they shouldn’t made fun of any. The sponser should stop this programm for this year then but new terms on the judge of how they should respect.

  6. Kelly

    If you’ve ever seen the original American Idol, the judge Simon Cowell was infamous for being flat out mean to contestants. He would laugh at them and generally berate them if they were really bad. Is it appropriate? Not quite, and lots of people in America criticized the show for his meanness. But I’m sure part of the reason they’re acting like that here is to recreate some of the formula from the original, American version.

    1. JJ

      Agreed. It’s a franchise and there is a format to follow. BUT the original version is called Pop Idol and it’s based in Britain. American Idol is a franchisee just like Arab Idol.

      1. Kelly

        Touche. I should have realized- the majority of those shows (“Somebody has Talent,” “X Factor,” etc) all originate in Britain.

  7. goebbels

    This illustrates the main difference between a man and a woman.
    In this situation, the women would kill herself. On the other hand, a man in the same situation would buy a machine gun and shoot all the jurors.

  8. Yaqoub

    There are lots of people out there that need help and she is one of them. These shows put them on knowing that and they also know it’s good entertainment. For me it’s disrespectful to laugh at someone like that and to not even say anything to the girl. This is how low people are getting!


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