Armed Men Assaulting Young Teenagers in a Beirut Resort

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LBCI stated this took place in one of Beirut’s touristic resorts. It would be nice to know which resort that was and if these armed men were arrested for what they did, but then again who am I kidding?

5 thoughts on “Armed Men Assaulting Young Teenagers in a Beirut Resort

  1. Rick

    Pascale, this happens when you allow anyone to have weapons besides the army…
    I envy your spritual/mental power guys, how can you guys live with this daily shit? I read the news from abroad and it sickens me all the time and every time! The government YOU voted for (You = every one, not talking about Pascale anymore, and yes, I do not and will never vote for these guys) is allowing for this to happen! Congrats guys and get ready for voting to the same people again!

    1. Paul

      I agree with you Rick! All they do is nag and nag, but when the time of the elections comes, they all go and vote. What a shame…


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