KSA warns nationals from traveling to Lebanon

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Lebanese Minister of Tourism

“Due to the unstable security situation in Lebanon, the foreign ministry warns its citizens against traveling to Lebanon to maintain their safety, until further notice,” an unidentified high-ranking official in the ministry told the news agency.

“The kingdom is keen on not jeopardizing the safety of its citizens,” Asiri told the news agency. [Link]

With the situation worsening and the ever-increasing cost of living, neither Arabs nor Lebanese expats are willing to come to Lebanon this summer.

Honestly speaking, the situation is bad but not that bad. I think the ministry should talk with hotels, resorts and local businesses and have them offer summer packages at discounted prices to encourage tourists to come. It is quick shocking that there are barely any ads on TV or on the roads encouraging tourists to come to Lebanon.

8 thoughts on “KSA warns nationals from traveling to Lebanon

  1. Gianni

    Najib, you guys are desensitized to the violence around you. However; anyone else would cringe that the safe ‘places” in Lebanon would be confined to a few sq kilometers. We do care about getting old and enjoying our lives. 😀

  2. Alex

    Actually I was surprised to see an advertisement for travelling to Lebanon on Eurosport the other day.

  3. Richard

    Seriously? Not that bad? Theft, road closures (esp. airport), killing at will, vandalism, no electric power, etc. and all this is happening during a PUBLIC (REALLY!?!?!) security month!?!?!

    1. Alphonse

      Go back to sleep,
      and Mind Your (Language) Own Business 🙂
      what’s wrong with you waking up @4AM????????

  4. Salem

    i visited beirut 2 times during june and coming tomorrow again, havent seen anything unusual. Everyone is enjoying his time, all the bars and clubs are packed. the only incident i had was at the airport when they closed the entrance but whocares, i made it out.

  5. The Razor

    All lebanese satellite TVs, CNN, Eurosport and yesterday the German newspaper “Welt” are making reports or playing ads encouraging tourists to visit lebanon

  6. Fadi

    Summer is here again and of course that also means its time for the Lebanese terrorist to scare away the tourist from lebanon


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