Lebanon has the world’s second biggest rise in cigarette consumption per person in 20 years

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I think we will easily top that list if Shishas were also included not just cigarettes. Hopefully after seeing these statistics, the government and more specifically the Ministry of Tourism, will consider allocating more money to enhancing and implementing Law 174.

The simplest thing that can be done is raising the ridiculously low cigarette prices in Lebanon.

Together, China’s 1.3 billion citizens plough through more packets than anywhere else. The average Chinese person smoked 30% more in 2012 than in 1990, ranking the country 11th by consumption per head. Lebanon and Myanmar saw even more dramatic growth (though a shift from illicit to official sales somewhat distorts those trends). [Economist]

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5 thoughts on “Lebanon has the world’s second biggest rise in cigarette consumption per person in 20 years

  1. rawand

    For the sake of logic and reason. People always want what they cant have. The more expensive the more people want it. Just look at the drug industry. I agree with non smoking law fine that is sensible. BUT its really disspaointing to see you and all of these people sit and whine about jacking up cigarette prices and implemeting new smoking laws. why dont they make it more expensive to make web pages would u like that najib? God get a life dude stop hatin

  2. Gianni


    Taxes should be increased to make the cigarettes less attractive for the youth. Also, FYI those taxes will be used to cure you medical issues when your are old (like in 30s)…:D

  3. rindos

    Yeah what medical issues my govt. just takes money an I have never seen 1 cent from them since I was born, more so I think they should just make it a law not to allow children under 18 to smoke not by making them more expensive 😀

  4. K

    We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Just look at countries that have a low rate of smokers and try to implement their technique as much as culturaly possible


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