Looking for a part-time job in Lebanon?

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Picture from the DailyStar

Despite the economic crisis in Lebanon and the tensions in the region as a whole, Tripoli has managed to create new job opportunities for its residents:

Job Opening 1: Young or Experienced Militia Fighter
Starting Salary for recruits is 200$

Job Opening 2: Leader of an armed group of 10-15 gunmen armed with automatic rifles and hand grenades
Starting Salary = 600$

For those interested, be there when clashes erupt and prove yourselves by killing at least 1 or 2 gunmen. Headshots will earn you an extra 100$ per kill.

Read more about it [Here].

PS: If you have no military experience whatsoever, you can always deliver arguile to the fighters. Plenty of job openings in Bab el Tabbaneh and Jabal Mohsen.

Arguile is a must even during clashes in Lebanon: Picture from Al-Akhbar

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  1. Gebran

    You know what I like about Najib is that unlike all those retarded March 14 sheep, he criticizes the sunnis M14-supported thugs as much as the shiite thugs.


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