May Hariri scandal in MTV’s Dancing with the Stars

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If May didn’t like the show before it started, then why did she agree to go on with it? Even if what she is saying is true, the fact that she agreed to take part in it makes her sound like a sore loser.

I think the show is fun and entertaining.

PS: Is it me or did she say “Oxposure” instead of “Exposure” at Minute 11:05?

22 thoughts on “May Hariri scandal in MTV’s Dancing with the Stars

  1. josef

    Nevertheless, I think what she said about the TV owner might have some truth in it… and in my opinion the show is a total shitload of crap compared to the TF1 version!

    1. Najib Post author

      What is so bad about it? I watched it so far and it’s fun. So what if there are no mega stars in it? I think it makes it even better.

  2. Nabeel

    I believe her 100%. Even though I know May is somewhat of a drama queen, this show is such a mess. I’m surprised it made it to production. I watched about 1/2 an hour from the very first episode and though it was utter garbage. 0 entertainment and the fact that May and Wessam Henna were the most famous people on there makes it a very star-less dancing with the stars. Where did they get the British guy? Seriously? They seem to be selling the show instead of producing a show. They all have dollar signs in their eyes.

    The show is a shame to the arab world….

    1. Leo

      What exactly is not entertaining in the show?
      I think it’s amazing because they show u real artistry behind te dances from wardrobe to styling, and the dances. What else did u expect to entertain you in a dance show??

      May and wissam Hanna are not the most famous people. Maybe it’s the ones you personnaly know about and like. There are amazing actors and actresses in the show that are far more famous than the ones you mentioned. Also, who can measure which person is more famous than the other? And really, super famous people do not need this show to market themselves. It’s the ones that want to become more famous that participate.

  3. Majd

    WTF!!! is she for real? even if the show is utter garbage, she has no right to talk like a child that just lost his Halloween candies. Correct me if I’m wrong but I’ve never heard of a game show that sign with you on the number of episodes that you will shoot!! instead you sign the number of episodes that you MAY shoot, and here MAY is not her name, it’s a modal verb. I think the real problem is her English that why she didn’t understand the contract.

      1. Majd

        hahahah, u know i never noticed that! sorry minik ya mart bayyeh bass as someone mentioned below, you are an Attention Seeking Whore!!! dont know why my father did marry you 😛 but again he dumped your sorry ass 🙂

  4. Rachelle

    May Hariri speaking about herself (her highness) using some “supposed to be English” words, interviewed (or guided) by Nidale El Ahmadiyeh, about how the whole world is preparing a conspiracy against “Marylin Monroe el share2” because they are all jealous of her beauty, her talent and her huge political influence so they wanted to get rid of her shining presence in a dancing competition…. Bas ya bahle!

  5. Gianni

    So funny! Is she famous?…Except the fact that she was married to a nut case? OXposure lol… What a self absorbed loser!

  6. V!VA

    Not only “oxposure” she also said cadeaux “Nawel” instead of “Noel”
    OMG no comments… I don’t understand why MTV approached her since the beginning..

  7. Mike

    Omg omg I am so pissed at MTV now
    I want my 9 cents back
    And everyone that voted should get there money
    Back … Fraud cases
    MTV is a fraud I got ripped off

  8. Rabih

    What an egocentric self-absorbed low life. Whether what she says about mtv is true or not, for someone that makes a living (supposedly) from entertaining the public, she is narcissistic and completely out of touch with reality.

  9. Razan

    who is may hariri?…hahahaha how silly she is!she is not a star at all… can’t compare her with naya….naya is more famous and attractive than her million timesssssss


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