Mon Dieu les Fils de Sassine Sfeir

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Whenever I am going to Sheile or Ajaltoun or towards Faraya, I look at this sign and laugh. It basically translates to “My God the sons of Sassine Sfeir”.

This Sassine guy must have been Keserwan’s Brad Pitt.

One thought on “Mon Dieu les Fils de Sassine Sfeir

  1. Alphonse

    Maybe they (the sons) meant to say: “YA RABB”, in French (as a supplication to God); there are 2 lines, it is not meant to be one sentence, right?
    and maybe they commemorate their father, Sassine Sfeir by using that name for their gas station..
    -wrk roo7 ya Sherlock Holmes 🙂


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