Jan Blomqvist at Skybar this Friday

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I’ve been listening to “Big Jet Plane” by Jan Blomqvist on repeat for most of the week and I just found he’s going to be at Skybar this fucking Friday! I’m going to miss it since I’m not in Lebanon but if you’re there you should really check him out. I missed Booka Shade at Pier 7 last month and now this.

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Environmental Catastrophe befalling Lebanon’s Cedar Forest

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Former MP Gebran Tawk is apparently destroying a part of Bcharreh’s ancient Cedar Forest to set up an outdoor venue for his son’s wedding. Nadine from LBC Blogs managed to get some pictures of what’s happening near the Cedars Forest. You can check them out [Here].

“Sources told AL-Akhbar newspaper that Former Deputy Gebran Tawk is planning the wedding of his son on a piece of land adjacent to the ancient forest.

Bulldozers began settling the ground and transporting rocks and gravel in preparation for the ceremony which will last for 3 days, and which will be attended by nearly three thousand people.

It is worth noting that the ancient forest is listed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO; a list that requires the protection of classified sites and their surroundings within an area exceeding 500 square meters; however, the preparation activities carried out in the vicinity may obliterate the existence of the forest…”


Let’s Go Kidnap some Turks!

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turkey pilots
Two Turkish Pilots were kidnapped outside Beirut’s airport 3 days ago – Picture from Al-Akhbar

Hayat Awali, also known as 7ajje Hayat, is the spokeswoman for the families of the pilgrims and has stated yesterday that “the detention of one of their family members [Mohammad Saleh] is a political move, and that in response to that, a large group of the relatives of hostages in Azaz are heading to Beirut streets and any Turk seen there will be kidnapped”.

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Ya hek Logic Ya bala!

Minister Charbel said that the “pilots are doing well” but then stated and I quote “the most important thing is that we find their location, make sure they are safe, and ensure their release”. How did he know they are doing well?

Having said that, the families of the kidnapped pilgrims have every right to get their relatives back but I really hope that they learned the Mokdad lesson and didn’t have anything to do with the kidnapping because it could only make things worse.

Speaking of bad things, Tourism Minister Fadi Abboud said “the abduction could be the last nail in the coffin of tourism”.

Forget the kidnappings, bombings and other “minor” incidents and come to Lebanon!

Kleiat: An Alternative to Rafic Hariri’s Airport?

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The need for a second airport in Lebanon is becoming imminent year after year and the latest kidnapping of the the two Turkish pilots is yet another proof that the Kleiat airport has to be turned ASAP into a second civil airport.

In terms of cost, MTV made a small report on the airport and stated that $90 million dollars were needed to renovate the airport, while Annahar estimated the cost of rehabilitation at $45 million dollars back in September 2012. Either way, both numbers seem very reasonable.