People Try Arak For The First Time

One of the guys was like: "I don't get the whole water thing. Can you just drink it straight?" After trying it with water: "That totally makes sense now why we had to add water" I recommend you mix Arak with شراب التوت . It tastes great and is not as heavy as the original mix.

Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut (1966)

Agent 505: Death Trap Beirut, also known as La trappola scatta a Beirut or Baroud à Beyrouth pour F.B.I. 505 is a 1966 movie shot in Beirut and directed by Manfred R. Köhler. The stars are Frederick Stafford, who was known for his lead role in European spy movies, Chris Howland and Geneviève Cluny. Here's the plot: A couple of beautiful girls are murdered while sunbathing at a luxury hote. The killer too is murdered,…

#BeirutShutdown: What’s Happening Tomorrow is a Mistake

#YouStink just announced that they will be go on with their plan to block roads and shut the capital for a few hours starting 6:30am. The roads that will be closed are as follows: 1- Khalde triangle- over the bridge 2- The Dora region next to CIT 3- City Center- the Hazmieh highway towards Beirut The purpose as stated on their page, is to cut down roads for the people, not to harm them. They…

No One Takes Myriam Klink Seriously, Even When She’s Hijacking a Plane

1 year ago
So Myriam Klink thought it was a smart idea to get on a MEA flight and upload a small video where she pretends to be hijacking it. Of course no one took her seriously but ...

Cabinet Wants To Postpone The Garbage Crisis For Four Years

1 year ago
Picture via Ramez Dagher The cabinet convened today at the Grand Serail to discuss the garbage crisis and came up with a temporary solution for the next four years. Here’s what they announced so far: ...

Garbage Crisis in Beirut Back in The Old Days

1 year ago
This is an old interview with an AUB student (Engineer) talking about a garbage crisis at the time (Not sure about the year), and asking people to wrap their garbage properly and not throw them ...

An Epic Mistake From Al Mustaqbal Newspaper

1 year ago
Not only did they include Hekmeh twice in the Lebanese Basketball League table, but they mistakenly took out Riyadi (Sporting) and put Hekmeh (Sagesse) in the lead. On another note, what’s up with the total ...