Twelve Things You Always Hear in a Lebanese Basketball Game

If a team loses, they blame the referee. If a team wins, the other team's fans attack them. If the fans are banned from watching, the players get into a fight. If the teams don't like some new rule, they blame the federation. The sad part is that some referees are terrible and should be fired and the federation is almost as incompetent as all the previous ones. And let's not forget the 3-foreign players…

Beirut Madinati Candidates Announced – Nadine Labaki on The List

Beirut Madinati just announced today at 4PM their candidates' list for the Beirut Municipal elections at Ain el Mraisse in Beirut. Half men, Half women including technocrats, social activists and Lebanese actress and director Nadine Labaki. To be honest, I am not familiar with most of the names on the list but I'm sure they will add soon a small bio for every candidate on their website. If you missed my post on Beirut-Madinati, check…

Beirut Governor Bans Illegally Placed Election Posters

1 year ago
Beirut Governor Ziad Chbib has ordered the removal of illegally placed municipal election posters on public walls, fences, bridges, traffic lights, poles and others. He has also vowed to fine candidates who break the law. ...

Burger King Campaign Explained

2 years ago
The Burger King ads were finally explained tonight. As it turns out, BK Lebanon is launching a one of a kind 9-meter long food truck that will have the full BK menu and will tour ...

#UberRECYCLE Relaunched: Get Rid of Your e-waste & Keep It Away from Landfills

2 years ago
The collection of garbage resumed a couple of weeks ago but the garbage crisis is still ongoing as there’s still no agreement on other landfills (except Naameh) and garbage smells are all over Beirut. Unfortunately, ...

Joke of the Day: Lebanon to Sign Climate-Change Pact in New York

2 years ago
Source Dear Prime Minister, wake up, get out and smell the garbage in Beirut. Prime Minister Tammam Salam traveled to New York on Thursday to participate in the ceremony aimed at signing the climate-change pact ...