PoPeye ‘WTF’ by Jordi Machi


I loved watching Popeye when I was a kid, but never imagined I’d see him in stories with a grown up twist. This is what Spanish Artist Jordi Machi’s exhibition is about and it’s showing at Vick Vanlian’s Saifi boutique on February 22nd between 7 and 10 pm.

Here’s a nice [interview] with the artist.

Storage Spaces in Beirut

Takhzeen Public Storage (PS: That’s not water between the storage spaces)

I was helping out a friend move her furniture few weeks back and she asked me if I knew any storage spaces in Lebanon. I had no clue about storage service but I googled and found two Lebanese companies offering such a service. The first one is BeirutMovingAndStorage.com and is located in Nahr el Mot, while the second is called Takhzeen and is located in Nahr el Mot.

As far as rates are concerned, Beirut Moving And Storage does not have any prices on its website while Takhzeen displayed its rates as follows:

Area Monthly Rate*
5 m² $75
10 m² $150
20 m² $300

They seem like reasonable prices to me.

Watch out for certain cabs in Achrafieh/Sin el Fil area

Picture from ThisisBeirut

I saw this post on AlienInBeirut and thought I alert both male and female readers of the blog. I advise women to take Banet Taxi, a women-only taxi, to be on the safe side and not worry about a thing.

NEWS: There is a gang of 3 males (1 driver and 2 supposed passangers) robbing and attacking passengers in a service/taxi in the Achrafieh/Sin el-Fil area of Beirut.

Almost everyone I know in Beirut knows of someone who this has happened to, many of victims were slashed as well. Some friends even said that a couple of the victims were sandwiched into the back seat between the two male passengers who held a knife to them. Sometimes they only rob, sometimes they rob and slash the victim with the knife.

Please keep vigilant when taking a service/taxi and circulate this news as knowledge is our best form of protection and prevention at the moment until they are caught.

As a general rule, never get into a service which has 2 male passengers in it.

Israeli lighters sold at Beirut’s airport


We should call it from now on security and control-free area not duty-free area.

According to reports in the Arab country, a Lebanese company selling products at the Beirut International Airport is knowingly marketing goods and products originating in Israel, including lighters.

The report presented a form allegedly showing that certain goods arrived from Milan, but another form was discovered behind it. The second form stated that the goods had arrived in Milan from the Ben-Gurion Airport. [Source]

The Onion to Sue Lebanon


Hilarious article by Karl even though it reflects a sad reality.

It emerged today that the American satirical magazine The Onion is to sue Lebanon for unfair competition practices and for making its headlines look totally reasonable. The Onion is demanding million of dollars in compensation, claiming that the small Mediterranean country has ‘ruined the business of writing satirical headlines’. The magazine’s claim refers to a ‘sustained campaign of nonsensical but nevertheless real headlines’ over a number of years, during which Lebanon, ‘went out of its way to make The Onion’s headlines look ordinary by comparison.’

The straw that broke the camel’s back was Lebanon’s adoption of a new electoral law that requires members of each sect to vote for candidates from their sect only. A senior staff member at The Onion, Andy Mitchell, revealed the pressure that the magazine’s writers have been under in an interview earlier today. “How can we possibly satirize that? Anything we will come up with will look extremely normal. This is fucking insane.”

He added: “The law says Maronites, and I am not quite sure what Maronites are, must vote for Maronites candidates, Shiites for Shiite candidates, Sunnis for Sunni candidates and so on. Except for Jews. Jews can vote for candidates of any sect they choose! Now if we had put that in a satirical article, we would have been accused of unreasonable exaggeration.”

“And why do they call it the Orthodox Electoral Law? There’s NOTHING Orthodox about it. They must be pulling our leg. No political system in the world is that twisted, not even North Korea’s. This is obviously part of a determined effort to undermine what we and other satirical publications do. Lebanon is trying to create a monopoly in ludicrous headlines and I’m afraid to say it’s succeeding.” It is understood that The Onion’s lawyers will target Lebanon under anti-trust laws and ‘freakin’ common sense’.