New Lebanese Cabinet’s Protocol Photo Photoshopped

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According to Annahar, Ministers Nohad el Machnouk and Rachid Derbas were late for the first picture and by the time they arrived, Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri had left, so they decided to take another picture with all the ministers and someone filling in Berri’s place then photoshop Berri into it.

I have to say I didn’t expect a new government to see the light, and I am quite saddened that we couldn’t break Belgium’s word record of 589 days without a government. That would have been quite the achievement!

Here are few good reads on the new government for those interested:
Lebanon’s New Government (Feb 15, 2014) – Qifa Nabki
A Team Of Rivals – BeirutSpring
Eleven Months Later – Who Won? – Moulahazat

The Uncut Film Festival At The American University Of Beirut

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Uncut Film Festival1

The AUB Cineclub and the Museum Of Censorship Club – AUB are proudly organized The Uncut Film Festival at AUB next week.

Five movies will be screened from Monday till Friday at 6:30pm in the Charles Hostler Auditorium (Sea Side). Everyone is welcome to attend and entrance is free of charge.

Here is the list of the movies and their dates:

Monday 17, February: Syriana by Stephan Gaghan – 2005
Tuesday 18, February: Life of Brian by Terry Jones -1979
Wednesday 19, February: One Man Village (Semaan Bi Day’ia) by Simon El Haber – 2008
Thursday 20, February: Chou Sar? (What Happened?) by De Gaulle Eid – 2009
Friday 21, February: L’inconnu du Lac (Stranger by the Lake) by Alain Guiraudie – 2013

I am personally against any kind of censorship and am fully supportive of this event. I will do my best to make it to at least one of the screenings and meet the people behind this. I love that they picked “Life of Brian”, a movie that probably would have never been approved in Lebanon these days.

Sagesse (Hekmeh) vs. Riyadi (Sporting) Tonight!

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The 2014 Lebanese Basketball Season is proving to be the best in years and the clash everyone’s been waiting for is happening tonight between Hekmeh and Riyadi at 6pm. Nothing can make these two teams and their fans love each other, even if the game is on Valentine, but that’s not what bothers me as such rivalries are good for the sport. What really bothers me is the unsportsmanlike conduct that we witness from one of the teams or both or from the fans in almost every game between the two sides.

Hate each other all you want but respect the sport and play the damn game! I am not cheering for any side tonight. Who are you with?