Crazy Motorist

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Is it that difficult for the ISF to stop these crazy motorists and confiscate their bikes? They pull their stunts on the same highways and they go in groups so they are asking to get caught.

Update: Lebanese Basketball Federation to face suspension

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The ultimatum set by the FIBA has officially passed and no action has been taken to comply with the FIBA’s requirements, which means that the Lebanese Basketball Federation is technically suspended and Lebanon will be replaced by Iraq in the upcoming Asian Championship. Meanwhile the Lebanese National Team has been performing poorly at the Jones cup despite a promising start.

I read that the Federation asked the FIBA to extend the deadline till Monday but part of me wants this suspension to take place so that everyone realizes the harm they’ve done. The funny part is that the Federation only needed to resign to set things straight but they wanted Mouttahed and Amchit to drop their lawsuits first (and vice versa), so it doesn’t get more childish than that.

I noticed Lebanese Basketball fans are making the #PrayForLebaneseBasketball trend on Twitter. I think it’s better if the fans and teams go protest in front of the federation instead of asking for online prayers.

Update: FIBA to Consider Unfreezing Lebanon’s Basketball Membership after Local Disputes Resolved

Nokia’s Lumia 1020 has a 41 megapixel camera

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Nokia released its latest smartphone yesterday, the new Lumia 1020 with an impressive 41 megapixels camera and the possibility of zooming up to 6 times without losing any image quality. The last Nokia model that featured a similar camera was the Pureview 808 model but it was running on Symbian which sucked.

To be honest, I love the Lumia phone for its camera (The Lumia 920 not the 900 camera though), design and hardware but my only problem is with the OS which is not as good as Android or iOS or is not evolving the way I thought it would. Nevertheless, the camera is becoming a crucial factor for any smartphone user so a six-lens 41-megapixel PureView camera paired with a Xenon flash could help Nokia gain few Android and iOS users, specially if the device is priced reasonably and if users can send their pictures to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc ..

Personally speaking, I might consider buying the Nokia Lumia 1020 if it’s not too expensive.

PS: I wouldn’t have hesitated one second in buying it if it was running on Android (which will probably never happen).


Gloria Nasr completes her run from Paris to Beirut

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Gloria Nasr ran all the way from Paris to Beirut covering around 4000 km. She started her run for Peace back in April and was expected to arrive in August, however she was unable to run across Syria due to the situation there (I was wondering back in April if it’s safe to run across Syria) and had to stop in Turkey.

I know it must have been frustrating for Gloria but what she did was incredible and one heck of an achievement.

Thank you for showing a positive image of Lebanon to the world Gloria!

You can read more about it [Here].


FIBA Issues Final Warning to the Lebanese Basketball Federation

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FIBA’s Central Board issued a final warning to the Lebanese Basketball Federation and gave them until tomorrow noon to resolve their problems or face suspension. If the Federation gets suspended, The Lebanese National Team won’t be able to participate in the Asian Championship next month among other things.

I found online what looks to be the letter that was sent to the Lebanese Basketball Federation by the FIBA. I also found an arabic translation of it on

Here’s what it says:

Reference : Suspension of the Lebanese Basketball Federation

Dear Mr. President,
Dear Mr. Secretary General,

I refer to my letter of 28 June 2013 whereby your federation was invited to take several measures to solve the important issues affecting the good governance of basketball in Lebanon.
As you know, the FIBA Central Board has indicated at its last meeting that should the situation in Lebanon not be restored immediately so as to allow your federation to function in an orderly way and in accordance with the FIBA General Statutes, the suspension of the Lebanese Basketball Federation shall be pronounced with immediate effect.
Indeed, it was made clear to you that the following steps needed to be taken by your federation:

1) As a matter of urgency and by no later than 5 July 2013
a) all court cases be withdrawn and the decisions taken annulled;
b) the MOU proposed by FIBA Asia and the Ministry of Youth & Sport signed by all parties involved;

2) As soon as possible
c) the national championship be continued and finalized without any further interference if the competition calendar allows so
d) Proper regulations for protests and appeals are enacted by the Basketball Federation in line with Article 9.5 of FIBA’s General Statutes and with FIBA’s approval within the next 3 months

With regards to the above conditions, I acknowledge with thanks receipt of your email of 8 July 2013 informing us that regretfully points a) and b) could not be fulfilled due to a number of clubs not willing to withdraw the court cases and to sign the proposed MOU.

On the other hand, within the past days some clubs have contacted FIBA directly to submit their position and confirm that they will not sign the MOU alleging inter alia -and to name just a few- that your federation is under political interferences with several board members being under heavy political influence, that the situation depicted by your federation to FIBA does not reflect the reality and that the federation does not abide by the FIBA General Statutes, in particular with regards to point d) above.

In view of all the above circumstances and following the clear instructions given by the FIBA Central Board, and after consultation with FIBA Asia, I have the regret to inform you that the Lebanese Basketball Federation is herewith suspended from FIBA with immediate effect.

As a result, your teams and officials may no longer participate in any official competitions or activities until the suspension is lifted by FIBA.

This decision is copied to FIBA Asia which will now make the necessary logistical adjustments for the upcoming FIBA Asia Championships, in particular the 2013 FIBA Asia Men’s Championship in the Philippines.
In view of the fact that the decision to replace your team by another national team at the above event will need to be made as a matter of urgency, we strongly encourage you to sit with all basketball parties in Lebanon within the next hours in order to comply with points a) and b) above before 12:00 (noon) tomorrow Friday 12 July 2013.
Passed that deadline, FIBA Asia will automatically proceed with the replacement of your team.

I sincerely hope that the internal issues affecting your federation will be resolved very soon for the good development of basketball in Lebanon.
FIBA and FIBA Asia remain of course ready to assist you in this matter.

Yours faithfully,
Patrick Baumann
Secretary General
Cc.: FIBA President, Mr. Mainini
FIBA Asia President, Sheik Saud Bin Ali Al-Thani
FIBA Asia Secretary General, Mr. Hagop Khajirian
Lebanese National Olympic Committee
Lebanese Minister of Youth & Sports, Mr. Faisal Karami

I am not sure if the Lebanese Federation understands how serious this matter is, as they had two weeks to figure out how to get out of this mess and still didn’t do anything. Instead they’ve been too busy threatening and warning Julian Khazzouh in order to ban him. Personally speaking, I think the only way out of this crisis is for the federation to resign and the concerned teams (Mouttahed and Amchit) to drop their lawsuits. Added to that, it would be nice if the federation clarifies the matter of the missing $130,000.

Nadine Labaki on Behalf of Refugees in Lebanon

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Here’s how you can help the refugees, mainly the Syrian ones, in Lebanon: (Taken from Gino’s Blog)

– The UNCHR and its partner NGOs are always in need of certain supplies. Try to organize drives in your local communities, schools, universities, scouts groups, etc. to gather supplies the UNCHR and its partners need. Get in contact with them via the links provided, and ask them what they need. Any help is welcome, but coordinate so you make sure your contribution is the most useful at a given time for a given place.

– Educate your fellow Lebanese. Don’t let the racist and hateful rhetoric by some individuals and groups cloud your judgment or the judgment of those around you. The refugees need our help, and we have been as gracious as hosts as possible so far, so let’s not stop now.

– Donate money to one of the partner NGOs who work with the UNHCR

– Volunteer at one of the partner NGOs who work with the UNCHR. Give some of your free time to help the refugees and the amazing people working with them. Imagine yourself in their place, and remember, if you’re Lebanese, at some point in history, you were a refugee here too, no matter what your sect or ethnicity. Remember that without the hospitality and help of the local population then, you wouldn’t be alive today.

UNCHR Lebanon Get Involved Page
UNHCR Donate Page
UNCHR Partners Page

Picture from Gino’s Blog