Justice Minister Rifi On The Arrest of Bearded Lebanese

It's great to hear that Rifi is against arresting people for just having a beard, but this goes beyond Tripoli and concerns non-religious people who just like to grow a beard. Clear instructions should be given to all security forces to treat respectfully any suspect and apologize to those held by mistake. “Whoever did not fight against the Army should be released and we refuse to accuse or detain any conservative person under the pretext…

Lebanese Football Doomed

Corruption, match-fixing, unprofessionalism and now exploiting and tricking young players. We have lots of talented footballers in Lebanon but the federation is not doing anything to promote this sport properly.

The Silent Majority Speaks Banned In Beirut

The Iranian documentary "The Silent Majority Speaks" by Bani Khoshnoudi got censored in Lebanon because it is against the current Iranian government and could "undermine relations with another state". That's all I have to say here. You can start laughing now. Via StopCulturalTerrorism

2014 Good City Index: Beirut Among The 50 Most Inspiring Cities in the World

1 year ago
The GOOD City Index includes a list of 50 cities from around the world that best capture the elusive quality of possibility. Beirut was ranked 9th in 2013 and is in 10th position this year. ...

Huge Accident In Jeita Because Of A Sukleen Truck

1 year ago
Update: Sukleen called me and it is the municipality that decides the location of the bins and how often Sukleen can pass by. The Jeita municipality should change this location ASAP because it doesn’t make ...

Epic Car Plate Spotted In Jounieh: 3ala Sale3te Betbale3te

1 year ago
via Yasa I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. ...

Hospital غير مطابق

1 year ago
via BintJbeil This is probably a fake picture but it cracked me up. To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if it really happened in Lebanon. I wouldn’t be surprised of anything happening here anymore. ...