Lebanese MMA Fighter Mark Tanios Training At Montreal’s Tristar Gym

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Left to Right: Georges St. Pierre, Mark Tanios, Coach Feras Zahabi via Arabsmma

The 40-day training camp Mark Tanios attended was supervised by Feras Zahabi, the trainer of the UFC Champion Georges St Pierre.

As most of you already know, Wissam Abi Nader (coach of fighters such as Silvester Saba, Elie el Rayess, Georges Eid and other illustrious fighters) has struck up an affiliation with the infamous Tri-Star gym in Montreal, home to some of the world’s best coaches and UFC stars.

One of the interesting and exciting parts of this collaboration is the agreement to send fighters between the two camps in Lebanon and Canada to allow for fighters to be exposed to new environments, sparring partners and training methods in an effort to develop more rounded warriors. This program has now yielded its first success! [Link]

Alexa Snow Storm To Hit Lebanon Tomorrow

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Picture via ElieChahine

The storm will hit Lebanon on Tuesday and last for several days. We should expect something similar to the “Olga” storm that hit Lebanon back in January 2013.

Here’s a day by day forecast taken from [LebanonWeatherForecast]:

Monday 9 December: Sunny and very cold, frigid on mountains. Icing overnight above 800m, taking precautions in driving is a must.

Tuesday 10 December: LATE NIGHT WARNING
After a sunny start, turning cloudy around noon with some spotty afternoon showers. Heavy stormy rain & thunderstorms by Wednesday morning. Snow late Tuesday night down to 1400m (1300m in the north). Strong winds.

Wednesday 11 December: WARNING
Stormy winds, very heavy continuous rainfall, very strong winds. Taking precautions is a must all over the country.Snowy averaging 1300m, then down late overnight to 800m & Bekaa.

Thursday 12 December: WARNING
Stormy winds, heavy rainfall, very strong winds. Taking precautions is a must all over the country.Snowy averaging 750M – keep an eye on tonight’s update

via LebanonWeather

Campaign To Shut Down Beirut’s Public Slaughterhouse in Karantina

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I visited the Beirut River months ago and the smells there are horrible. I also passed by the slaughterhouse and there was no one there to supervise the place. Everything is dirty around it, anyone could go in and there are people who actually live there.

This is what Compassion in World Farming said after visiting the Karantina Slaughterhouse.

“The slaughterhouse is chaos. Everything is coated in a layer of blood, faeces and body parts. The slaughter area is heaving with people, live animals and slaughtered bodies. The sounds and smells are overwhelming.

Men grab defenceless sheep by the fleece or back leg. They fall to their knees and are forcefully dragged, one by one, to the slaughter line. Cattle are dragged by ropes around their necks. When they try to resist restraint they are yelled at and beaten viciously with metal rods. The animals are visibly terrified and in their frantic attempts to escape they slip, trip and fall, slamming their heads into the concrete floor.

Groups of sheep are forced to jump over dead bodies and wide gutters full of blood. They desperately try to force their way away from the bodies of other sheep they have just watched being slaughtered. Cows are left suspended fully-conscious by one leg for long periods of time, their faces resting in pools of other animals’ blood. They watch animals being slaughtered all around them. I wonder if they realize it will soon be their turn?”