The government formation deadlock is ongoing and the latest suggestion to resolve it is a 32-member cabinet, which if you ask me, is a blatant F*ck You to all Lebanese citizens. The whole world is urging us to form a cabinet, reduce expenses and start implementing reforms to put our economy back on track yet we’re figuring out ways to add more ministers to the cabinet instead of reducing it to a 10 or 12-member cabinet formed of technocrats to lead us out of this mess.

I keep asking myself if those in power realize the disastrous situation we’re in and whether they’re willingly taking the country down. They rushed to Paris to beg for billions (in private jets) then formed an electoral law that suits them best and now they wanna expand the government by two seats to suit a couple of grumpy MPs.

No one’s willing to compromise and every party doesn’t want to back down on its demands, not because they believe their party members will make excellent ministers, but just because they want their share of the cake. Or maybe they just want to beat the world’s longest period spent without a government because they have nothing better to do.