A year ago, I wrote about the need for Ogero to offer alternatives to users still having shitty internet and I heard that they might be considering some options such as 4G data bundles but it never happened. Last week, both mobile operators launched a campaign promoting discounted data bundles offering 4G speeds at affordable prices. Alfa for example gives you a 25GB starting bundle for $30 a month while it costs $56 to subscribe to 25GB on your mobile phone.

The quotas are not that high, but when you’re faced with a 1 or 2MB DSL connection at home, you won’t mind paying up to $100 if it means getting a decent home connection. In fact in my case, I would get the router and downgrade the 4G subscription on my phone.

Obviously this is not an ideal solution, but given how far we still are from having a consistent and fast internet across Lebanon, this was desperately needed and should have come from Ogero first.