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People of Leb is a new iPhone app that offers information about famous Lebanese figures as well as statistics on the Lebanese as a whole. Some of the stats provided consist of the number of voters by religion in Lebanon and the biggest families with their count.

It’s an interesting app to have if it gets updated frequently but I am not very encouraged to buy it when there’s so little information about it. The company behind the app should tell us more about the stats and information they are selling us and more importantly the source of that information to see if it’s worthy buying or not.

You can check it out or buy it [iTunes].

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  1. People of Leb

    • People of Leb is currently the only Lebanese Directory on the App Store that allows you to explore profiles of Lebanese People in a unique and innovative way.

    • The Lebanon Demographic Stats are collected from the latest voters list of Lebanon. (لوائح الشطب ٢٠١٠)

    • The source of the data for the stats is extremely trusted and referenced inside the app.

    • The information available in the categories has been harvested from public credible sources over the net and is updated daily.

    We would love to hear everyone’s feedback on Twitter @Katagogi and Facebook!

    #PeopleOfLeb – Know your People, Know your Country!

    1. Mounir Chakarji

      The Lebanon Demographic Stats used to be available for all users, not just for iphone users. Since 2 or 3 weeks they are not available anymore.

      Will they be available again? OR are they at a different address? Or will never be available again?

      Thank you

    1. Danielle

      Dear Jihad, please note that we are planning an Android version, and we will certainly let you know about the release date.
      Thank you for your interest!

    2. Danielle

      Dear Jihad, we are very excited to inform you that we launched the android version of People of Leb and it’s free! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  2. Marwan Moch Charbel

    Isn’t this app a violation of people’s privacy? Have been using it for sometime, any country that respect itself would not allow some of these info to be shared publicly.

  3. Danielle

    Dear Marwan, kindly, note that all information available on People of Leb are collected from public sources and have the reference stated below.


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