12 thoughts on “Tfeh

  1. Dr A Badawi

    It seems we are back to the dark ages, ohhhh stupid me we actually never left them. Flipping idiots I look at my country from outside and think tfeh is very little to say…….

  2. pk

    How funny is it for this kid to know that she may have shot dead another child or simply another person … Those rubbish do not have a single thought onto the future …

  3. Hassan

    Simply disgusting. And they complain when children are taken from families. This is the perfect example why such families should be stripped from their children.

    1. T

      My Kind are the only kind out there in Lebanon!
      stop hiding behind ur finger and come out and smell the gunpowder! u’ll Love it!
      and Alef ahla w sahla in Lebanon!
      Ba3melak racha2?

  4. duh

    What does it mean when you laugh at blood shed? You are a disturbed individual that enjoys seeing mayhem (look it up). No society would find teaching a little girl hatred as healthy or beneficial. People like you, wants to see the world burn, and there you have it the real “joker” lives among us. Allah youstur, 3n jad.


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