There’s a list being shared online showing the names of 17 victims of violence in the past 21 days. That’s a shocking number to say the least but I did check every single one of them and the list is unfortunately accurate.

1- Lamis Nacouche: 8 year old killed by mistake during a gun fight.
2- Palestinian Ali Harouk: Killed by mistake by his friend.
3- Sheikh Nidal al Danaf: Killed during a gun fight.
4- Ayah Rahmoun: 17 year old killed by mistake.
5- Roy Hamouch: Killed by armed thugs in road rage incident.
6- Ismail Zaaiter: Killed in front of his family for vengeance.
7- Ammar el Achkar & Ali Eid: Killed in a road rage incident.
8- Samer Ghali: Killed in Ain el Hilweh.
9- Zaher Chalha: Killed in Baalbeck.
10- Mohammad Ahmad Dado: Killed in Ghazir.
11- Mohammad Al Radi: Killed in Baalbeck for vengeance.
12- Maroun Hanna: Killed in Majdelyoun.

*Add to that at least four cases of stabbing and several injuries due to celebratory gunfire.

The most recent victim was Maroun Hanna and the below video shows how he got killed. What’s shocking is that a police car was passing by while the killer was running away and they didn’t notice a thing.