The 2023 municipal elections were supposed to take place next month but will most likely be postponed, even though Interior Minister Bassam Mawlawi had confirmed his preparedness to hold the elections. The lack of funding, logistical issues and ongoing strikes by the majority of Lebanon’s public workers and teachers are the reasons being raised by those in power to delay the elections, but none of them are convincing.

In fact, the funding required (~20 million dollars) barely equals what the Central Bank is spending daily on the Sayrafa app, and the interior ministry confirmed its readiness logistically speaking. As for those on strike, I am sure they’re open to negotiations and holding the elections in return for having their demands met.

Delaying the elections and extending the term of the municipal and elective councils for four months is unacceptable especially when you have over 100 defunct municipalities being run by the district administrator or governor. The blame is on the parliament first and foremost and its speaker, for paralyzing the election of a new president, and secondly on the government and joint parliamentary committees for not finding any workarounds to make these elections happen.