I compiled the best pictures from the Zena storm that hit Lebanon today and will be over by end of this week hopefully. I also uploaded an impressive video from Manara that my friend Nader took earlier today and here’s a video from Jbeil, another from Ouzai and one from Raouche.

Here’s the forecast for the rest of the week as taken from LebanonWeatherForecast:

Tuesday 6: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with local thundery rain showers, very strong winds and snow showers above “1500” M. Turning cloudy and stormy in the afternoon or evening with heavy thundery rain, hail showers, very strong winds. Snow starts directly at “1200” M and goes down fast to “900” M + Bekaa at night and around midnight. Very strong snow storm above “800” M + Bekaa during the night of Tuesday/Wednesday and Wednesday morning

Wednesday 7: cloudy skies , stormy with heavy thundery rain, hail showers, strong winds sometimes. Very heavy snow expected above “800” M + Bekaa, snow will be going down to “600” M in the afternoon and to “500” M in the evening. Snow showers might reach “400” M (“300” M north) by midnight

Thursday 8: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies with possible snow showers above “400” M + Bekaa. Becoming frigid at night. Chance for some flurries Thursday afternoon/night above “400” M + Bekaa

Friday 9: Partly cloudy to cloudy skies on the coasts.

1397533_10155045390390174_6167346514066994884_o Raouche – by Paul

10285071_10155045387775174_6099962660554687777_o Manara – by Paul

10862647_10155045390790174_506301941772648902_o Raouche – by Paul

10897817_10155063970665483_478304280275489792_n Sporting Club Beirut – via Nader


10914746_10155045391045174_321061661607095571_o Ramlet el Bayda – by Paul

10915220_10155063973395483_5473915496668898325_n Byblos – Via Nader

10917786_10155045392200174_5212155577190532240_o Dbayyeh

10920265_10155045391330174_7763931940361804314_o Dbayyeh – via Paul

B6r2YX7CEAAPrD1 Ain el Mraisse – via Ali Wehbe

B6r2YXmCEAA6Two Ain el Mraisse – via Ali Wehbe

byblo4 Byblos

Byblos POrt Byblos – via Yasa

Byblos Sour Mer Byblos sur Mer

Byblossurmer Byblos sur Mer

Jbeil Mina Byblos sur Mer

JBeil3 Byblos – via LebanonWeatherForecast



Mzaar today Mzaar – via LiveLoveBeirut

Mzaar2 Mzaar

Raouche Ain el Mraisse – via LebanonWeatherForecast

Tabarja Tabarja – via LebanonWeatherForecast

Dora highway Dora – via Yasa