1489027_10151773802361373_1723884673_n Picture via I am Not a Tourist

I passed by Biel yesterday to donate 6 bags of clothes collected from friends and family to the Syrian Refugees in the North and Bekaa Area and it was just heartwarming to see hundreds of people coming to give away clothes, blankets and anything that could help these refugees. The best part was that this was an initiative started by individuals and not political parties and it quickly went viral and got people interested in helping.

The organizers will be today in the North and Bekaa areas to distribute the warm blankets and clothes. I truly hope this will be one of many initiatives to help the Syrian refugees in Lebanon and specially the children who are the most vulnerable during winter time.

1486923_10153605980235080_972519343_n The Bekaa today – Picture via Gino

On a last note, some people have been saying that we should be helping out deprived Lebanese families before thinking of helping the Syrian Refugees. I honestly don’t know if I should bother answer these people, but let me just say that I personally help out people who are in need regardless of their nationality and the humanitarian crisis that Syria is going through these days requires all of us to step in and help at least those in Lebanon.

Let’s stop being racist and selective as we’re talking about human beings here and if we don’t help out the 1 million+ Syrian Refugees in Lebanon, we’re basically screwing ourselves as Lebanese first and foremost.