I finally found out a decent garage to take my car to but that’s after watched how they were working on my car and other ones for 3 to 4 hours. The dealers’ garages are not an option for me as they are ridiculously overpriced. Nevertheless, after checking out many garages, I’ve noticed some common trends among them:

1- All garage owners are very religious. Huge posters of Jesus, Virgin Mary or Saints’ pictures are found all over the walls.

2- There’s always a second floor inside the garage usually with tinted glass where the boss does business. You feel like you are going up to meet with a mafia’s boss.

3- Most of those running garages are brothers or father and son.

4- Whenever you tell the garage owner you’ve been to that other garage, it turns out the guy used to work for them before “wou ne7na m3almeeno”.

5- There’s always a bird in the garage. Cool garages like the one I go to even have parrots. It’s quite barbaric though to trap the bird in such an environment.