Stray Bullet Shootings in Lebanon Kills & Injures at Least 23 People Yearly

7 months ago
According to a study by Information International, a Beirut-based independent regional research & consultancy firm, stray bullet shootings kill 8 people and injure 15 yearly in Lebanon. The numbers are based on data acquired from ...

7-Year Old Naya Fighting For Her Life After Being Hit By a Stray Bullet

8 months ago
How many times are we going to hear such tragic stories? How many children and innocent civilians have to pay the price of dumbasses firing their guns in the air? The answer is unfortunately not ...

Al Ansar Footballer Mohammad Atwi Dies From Stray Bullet Injury

3 years ago
A month ago, Lebanese Football player Mohamad Atwi, who plays for Al Ansar, was injured by a stray bullet that hit him in the head. He was quickly rushed to the hospital where he underwent ...

5 Year Old Mounir Is In Coma After Being Hit By A Stray Bullet

8 years ago
A 5 year old kid was hit and injured by a stray bullet from a funeral gunfire in Beirut’s southern suburbs. Mounir Hazini was shot in the head and is still in coma while two ...

Stray Bullet

10 years ago
Stray bullets could cause injuries or tragic deaths and Bayan Bibi is the latest victim of celebratory gunfire. ...

All The Newly Added Lebanese Movies to Netflix

3 years ago
Thirty four Lebanese films, including award-nominated titles like ‘The Little Wars’  (حروب صغيرة) by Maroun Baghdadi, ‘Where do we go now’ (وهلا لوين) by Nadine Labaki, Under the Bombs (تحت القصف) by Philippe Aractingi, The ...

Two Killed & Several Injured in Post-Elections Tensions

5 years ago
Elections are over, official results are out (or not yet?) and tensions are back on the streets whether in Beirut or in Choueifat. Yesterday a PSP supporter and Civil Defense volunteer called Alaa Abi Faraj ...

No Casualties Reported On New Year’s Eve [2018]

6 years ago
For the second year in a row, no casualties were reported on New Year’s Eve thanks to the exceptional measures taken by the Internal Security Forces & Lebanese Army. The ISF reported few minor accidents ...

Dad kills his Own Kid in Celebratory Gunfire

6 years ago
What better way to celebrate your kid’s passing the Baccalaureate exam than killing him by mistake? MTV reported a 17 year old kid was shot by mistake by his own father after they went to ...

85-year-old Man Killed over Brevet Celebrations

6 years ago
Every year, it’s the same story all over again. Idiots shooting guns in the air to celebrate their kids passing the Brevet exam and the outcome is also the same: More innocent people dying or ...