We witnessed few days ago a huge fire in Baabda that destroyed an entire forest just because the Fire Department wasn’t equipped properly and our firefighting helicopters couldn’t be used, and yesterday it rained for few hours and the roads got all jammed and flooded with water, and today I am reading that Lebanon had a tsunami drill in Byblos yesterday.

Of course we should be conducting tsunami drills in Lebanon and I am glad Byblos has taken this initiative but I don’t think a tsunami would hit the Byblos coast only and I am pretty sure the Civil Defense, the Lebanese Red Cross and the Lebanese Army won’t have enough units to perform such a drill along the coast. Moreover, our focus should be at the moment on fighting fires since summer is near.

In fact, I think municipalities located in the mountains should seriously consider investing money and employing people to monitor and guard the forests and quickly react to any fire that erupts.