Update: Someone did a hilarious edit out of this guy’s reply. Check it out [here].

It’s hot, there’s no electricity and there’s garbage everywhere, an ideal scenario for the Lebanese to keep on nagging. Whether they are at the beach tanning and having drinks by the pool (they might sweat if they swim), or having drinks at a rooftop, they need to tell everyone it’s hot and they can’t stand it, as if we’ve never been through such a hot summer before. More importantly, we always have that urge in Lebanon to one-up each other in every conversation, such as:

Shob lyom kteer.

X: Shob bass?? Fatteeess

Eh walla Fatteess.

X: Fattees bass?? Jhannamm!

3le2et bil 3aj2a 2 hours kenet ra7 jenn.

X: Ana 3le2et 4 hours man!

and so it goes.

Back to the heat wave that is sweeping the country, LBCI was asking few people on how they are handling it and one of them replied with one of the worst pick up lines ever! I’m glad LBCI decided to keep it in the report.

Check it out at Minute 0:32


PS: Some guy at Minute 0:18 said something sad yet true “Iza el Arguile btechteghil 3al kahraba, ken 2em el cha3eb el lebnene kello”, but I think this pretty much applies to all Arab countries not just Lebanon.

Thank you Tchuuup!