The General Union of Lebanon’s trade unions (or labor unions?) is organizing a protest on Saturday at Martyrs Square against mandatory COVID vaccine and in favor of giving people the freedom of choice. The event is a public one and transportation is provided from all Lebanese areas.

Can anyone explain to me the purpose of such a protest? At a time where the Omicron variant is spreading like crazy and hospitals are getting overwhelmed once again? Who is making sure protesters will wear asks and respect social distancing? What about the buses? Why did they gave them a permission to organize such a protest in the first place given the current circumstances?

On another note: Who is forcing people to get vaccinated in Lebanon? If anything, we need a push to have more people vaccinated as we’re barely at 40% after almost a year. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home or go out and bare the consequences, knowing that more than 80% of ICU admissions in the past week are unvaccinated people.

This protest needs to be cancelled. As simple as that.