The Beirut port explosion killed 218 people including including nationals of Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Pakistan, Palestine, the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, and the United States. However, the number of non-lebanese killed is still not confirmed and was disputed recently in a report done by the Legal Agenda.

In fact, and according to the Legal Agenda’s findings, 72 foreigners (51 men, 21 women) were killed during the explosion including:
– 50 Syrians
– 6 Bangladeshis
– 4 Philippines
– 3 Egyptians
– 2 Ethiopians
– 1 Palestinian
– 1 Pakistani
– 1 Iranian
– 1 German
– 1 Dutch
– 1 French
– 1 Australian

In addition to the discrepancy in numbers, most of the families of these 72 victims were unable to get any financial assistance yet because they couldn’t procure the necessary papers or simply because they weren’t made aware of any financial aid programs by the state. Needless to say, the authorities are not making any effort to help out families of the victims (Lebanese & non-Lebanese) and are desperately trying to pervert the course of justice.

You can read more about it [here].