#YouStink just announced that they will be go on with their plan to block roads and shut the capital for a few hours starting 6:30am. The roads that will be closed are as follows:

1- Khalde triangle- over the bridge
2- The Dora region next to CIT
3- City Center- the Hazmieh highway towards Beirut

The purpose as stated on their page, is to cut down roads for the people, not to harm them. They want citizens to sacrifice a few hours of work or of learning (or stay home) for their health and their future.

To be honest, I still think that the general strike is a mistake and a rushed decision. Nevertheless, it is their right to proceed with it but the proposed plan to shutdown Beirut is not enough.

Why is this a bad idea?
– You cannot call for a general strike and shutdown 3 key entrances only. If you can’t shutdown all 12 entrances to the capital, you are doing it wrong.
– The aim from the general strike is to send a message to the politicians yet the only ones being harmed in the process are the people. If entrances to Beirut are being blocked, roads to the businesses of ministers and deputies should also be blocked.
– A general strike requires a large-scale participation yet the turnout to recent protests was considerably lower than the ones before. Moreover, there are no syndicates participating so I’m not sure how they are planning to block roads in the first place.
– Not all Lebanese are fond of #YouStink movement yet they always defend them against corrupt politicians. Blocking roads will probably turn these people against #YouStink now.
– #YouStink is not powerful enough to ask students to stay home and employees not go to work. They simply cannot assume this responsibility and no one is willing to sacrifice his job in the current circumstances.

All in all, cutting roads NEVER worked in Lebanon and was NEVER the solution to anything. I was surprised by the decision on Saturday and I’m surprised #YouStink decided to move on with it. I just hope there won’t be any clashes between citizens and demonstrators tomorrow.

Dear Lebanese people
We call upon you to meet us tomorrow from 6:30 to 10AM at the following entrances of Beirut:

1- Khalde triangle- over the bridge
2- The Dora region next to CIT
3- City Center- the Hazmieh highway towards Beirut

We will not be cutting the road to harm the people… We will be cutting the road for the people

For those who can: Stay at home… Sacrifice a few hours of work or of learning… Your health and your future are in danger!

For years, citizens have been demanding their rights using that method.. We hope that the Security Forces will treat the citizens as they have done previously