“Think of it as a Golf GTi for the poor. The sort of poor people who don’t really care about handling”

At least that’s what the Top Gear people think of the new Seat Leon Cupra/FR, but priced at 39,900$, it is definitely not a car for the poor in Lebanon, but of course not the for rich as well.

Reviewing Chahe’s new car or any car in Lebanon is not as simple as people would think. You need to take into consideration several criteria that most TV shows skip, probably cause they are not applicable wherever they reside.

Car Horn
The new Seat Leon Cupra is equipped with a relatively loud horn, giving it an edge over the VWs and BMWs but still leave it shy of the Mercedes. However, for 50 extra dollars at Gus Garage, you can boost the sound, get a “Powered by Gus” free sticker and have the loudest horn in town.

Cutting off
With its curved sides, the Seat Leon Cupra/FR is a powerful cutting off vehicle, enabling its driver to cut off taxis and even 4×4 vehicles without scratching the bumper.

The new Seat has only one tiny rear light that turns on when gear is put on reverse. This could be problematic if you don’t have sensors. However the front lights are perfect, when put on high beam, to blind a car standing in your way.

0 to 60 in just 6.2 seconds and a top speed of 155 mph allows it to pass any yellow light turning red without being spotted by the police.

This is a sports car and its seat are honestly not that comfortable but you get used to them. However, a typical Lebanese jagal will have major back and neck issues when leaning towards his gf or trying to adjust to a more relaxing position.

Other advantages:
– You can squeeze it in small parking spots.
– The back seat is large for some Marina Dbayyeh extracurricular activities.
– Sound system is excellent for passing by Gemmayze at 1 am turning loud music on.

Few Tips:
– Do not let Valet Parking guys drive it specially when it’s a manual gear shift.

Given all that, it definitely deserves more than a 14/20 as graded by Top Gear experts.

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