Bufori is a company founded in 1986 by Gerry Khouri , a second-generation Lebanese expatriate living in Australia and now owned by the Khouri brothers (Anthony, George & Gerry). Bufori cars are custom-made automobiles, ranging from sports cars to luxury cars. There are around 500 Bufori cars in 40 different countries throughout the world, but none in Lebanon even though Gerry Khouri visits Lebanon almost every 2 years.

The Bufori prices range from 151,000$ for the La Joya, till 340,000$ for the luxurious Geneva.

I have to admit I haven’t heard before about Bufori cars until I read about them in the DailyStar yesterday.

Here are more details on the Bufori cars that you might find interesting:

Both inside and out, the cars exude a unique luxury, with V6 and V8 engines, good fuel consumption, the capability to go from 0-100 mph in 6.1 seconds, and the option of supercharging for more power.

The body is both lightweight and durable, made from a combination of Kevlar and carbon fiber, and is fitted with numerous airbags. For the finishing touches, there’s no task too tall for their discerning clientele.

“When a customer comes to us with a crazy idea, we take on the challenge,” Khouri says. “We’ve done tea and coffee sets, mini bars, make-up boxes, hot and cold water machines and multimedia systems.”

According to the Bufori website, options also include silk Persian carpeting, precious stones mounted into the interior of the car and a gold emblem.

All Bufori cars come standard with two iPads, 30,000 watts of power, blind-spot detection and adaptive cruise control. [Article]

Bufori stands for B – Beautiful U – Unique F – Funtastic O – Original R – Romantic I – Irresistible.