I can understand to a certain extent closing down schools because there’s a storm and roads are bad but why did our Health Minister decide to close down nurseries as well?? Parents usually take their kids to the nursery because they work all day and have no other place to leave them. What are they supposed to do in that case? Take a day off because the Minister said so? If we can’t drive our kids to the nursery, we should all stay home then.

I think it’s about time the government stops closing down schools and nurseries every time there’s a storm. I don’t remember my school ever closing down because of a storm and there’s nothing special about the recent storms that we witnessed in Lebanon. If They are worried about buses not being properly equipped to drive in such conditions, then they could ask parents to drive their kids on that day or let the school decide.

PS: For all students reading this post, you shouldn’t get too excited about all these days off because the school will probably end up bringing you on Saturdays to catch up 🙂