I think yesterday I witnessed the highest number of live accidents in Lebanon, but the funniest ones were one inside City Mall parking, one on my way back home yesterday night and one on my way to work in the morning. I say funniest because all were small and silly accidents in which no one got hurt.

It is really amazing how the second we have few drops of rains, all Lebanese drivers lose control of their cars or start driving really slowly. It’s like panic mode is switched on.

At City Mall, Two cars going the right way crashed into each other and a girl driving one of the cars refused to step down or even open her window. She just locked her door and stayed inside the car. I don’t know what happened next as I left but it would be interesting to know who the expert is gonna blame?

On my way back home, a mini van was going the wrong way when it bumped into a Mercedes. I was expecting them to go down and have a fight but instead both went down, shook each others’ hands and started babbling while waiting for the expert. Wish all Lebanese would behave that way. (Car was kept parked in the middle of the street though).

Last but not least, on my way to work today, while stuck in traffic, a girl driving a Peugeot hit a concrete separator put on the side of the road. She didn’t bother go down check her car but just pulled back the car and kept going lol.