An Enlightening Report On The Great Famine of Mount Lebanon (1915–1918)

The CMDR released a nice report on The Great Famine of Mount Lebanon between 1915 and 1918 that lead to the death of half of the population of Mount Lebanon Mutasarrifate. This is a crucial part of our history that is not elaborated enough at schools in my opinion despite being one of the worst foreign campaigns led by any regime against the Lebanese population. There's plenty of unseen and rare footage in this video…

It Took This Saida Resident A Decade To Realize He’s Living in a Synagogue

Most of the Lebanese Jews lived in Beirut but there were also communities in other cities like Saida and Tripoli. In fact, there were around 1,500 Jews living in Saida in the early 1970s according to Nagi Georges Zeidan, who memorialized Lebanon's Jewish community by researching its history and creating a database. Unfortunately, the last Jewish family in Sidon, the Levy family, left in the early 1980s and the synagogue was abandoned and has become…

The Legendary Palmyra Hotel In Baalbeck: Open Since 1874

4 years ago
I’ve been to Baalbeck quite a few times but I never had the chance to visit the legendary Palmyra hotel there. The hotel is one of the oldest in Lebanon, if not the oldest, and ...

Some Lebanese Refuse To Recognize The Armenian Genocide

5 years ago
Victims of the Ottoman rule – Picture taken in Lebanon via Annahar A couple of Beiruti associations and organizations, as well as few Sunni groups in Tripoli, rejected Education Minister Elias Bou Saab’s decision “to ...

100 Years Already: Remember And Recognize The Armenian Genocide

5 years ago
The above picture is the forget-me-not flower, the official emblem of the 100th year of Remembrance of the Armenian Genocide. The forget-me-not flower expresses the theme of eternal remembrance, and is also meant to symbolically ...

In Pictures: Phoenicia Hotel In Beirut From 1961 Till 2015

5 years ago
The oldest picture of Phoenicia I was able to find. It was taken before the grand opening in 1961 Phoenicia Beirut was celebrating its 50th anniversary around the same time four years ago. This majestic ...

The First Naturalized Foreign Citizen In China’s History Was Lebanese-American

5 years ago
This is a rather old story but a fascinating one and I am surprised I’ve never heard about it until now. It’s about a Lebanese-American doctor called Georges Hatem, also known as Ma Haide or ...

The New Yorker On The Myth of Baalbeck’s Megalith

5 years ago
Photo credit: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. German Archeologists made an incredible discovery a month ago in Baalbeck when they found right next to the “Hajar Al Hibla” in Baalbeck, the world’s biggest ancient stone block. The ...

The World’s Largest Ancient Stone Block Found In Baalbeck!

5 years ago
Photo credit: Deutsches Archäologisches Institut. German Archeologists have discovered right next to the “Hajar Al Hibla” in Baalbeck, or the stone of the pregnant woman, the biggest known ancient stone block. The stone is more ...

Old Picture From Antelias

5 years ago
via Qadiman This is a picture taken back in 1958 showing American units on the Antelias shore which is almost where the Golden beach is now. I had no clue the Americans landed that far ...